Armorama :: GO BIG or go home

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So I guess this project will continue over here…

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Welcome to here Chris, looking forward to seeing you complete the beast of a build… And as for the 2 bods… I like position No1.

Well here it is…finished product

tell me what you all think…happy modelling =D


Impressively large. Nicely done. The addition of the figures really helps to emphasize the size of the transport and it’s load.

Wow! Very impressive! Go big is right.

Fantastic finish Chris and I really like the pics that have the ends clipped and show the background in depth; It makes it look very real. I think you picked the best place to put the figures from the options you had. They give it some real scale and add to the look. The vehicles both look like they have been used but not over the top weathering. Very well done.
I would only ask one question, on the load on the trailer … would they have chocks and chains fitted to secure it ? It isnt a negative or even a criticism, as I think the whole thing is an amazingly detailed build (and the groundwork looks superb btw). I only mention it as when we loaded our wagons, they would be chained down. And I think your buddy you were building it for is going to be one chuffed and very happy chap !! Well done.

Just thought, as the rear ramps are down … the wagon may be about to reverse off … so cancel my Q about the chains … :grin: :+1:

Great job & those figures look totally convincing – a few shots from road level would be nice, even harder to distinguish from the real thing :tumbler_glass:

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fabulous work, as an HGV driver I think the support legs for the trailer should be raised higher as any speed bump in the road might bring the entire load to an abrupt halt.

Nice job! The outside pics add to the realism you put into this, beauty!!!

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