Armorcon 2021 is a week away!

Hi All,

We’re down one week to Armorcon! Remember, pre-registration closes on Tuesday 28 SEP 21! Follow the link below and it will take you to the pre-registration page (it makes our lives so much easier as we get a chunk of the paperwork done):

To be clear, while you can pre-register, you’ll have to pay at the door. BUT, all you paperwork will be filled out (no spending 10 minutes filling it out on show day) and it will be very legible for our data entry personnel! It’s a win-win in anyone’s book! Also, you do not need to be an AMPS member to use the pre-registration (although it would be great if you did join the organization), just leave the field blank.

We need judges! The sing-up is looking pretty lean and I don’t want to beat the people who signed up already for more effort. Sign-ups for ram-rodding, running, data entry and judging can be found at the sing-up genius link here:

While you probably won’t get them before the event, Cafepress items are still available for Armorcon 2021. We have t-shirts and other assorted gear for sale, here’s the link:

To recap: if plan on competing, you can still pre-register (but only until Tuesday). If you are going to compete, we’d really appreciate your help working in some capacity at the show. Finally, there is some pretty cool gear to be had. Thanks again and we’re really looking forward to seeing everyone in Next weekend!

Georg Eyerman
Chief Judge Armorcon 2021

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Best of luck. I do like some of your ideas and our club may burrow some in the future, sign up genius for judging is brilliant imho.

If you have any questions, or just want to bounce ideas off of someone, feel free to PM and we’ll talk.

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