Armorcon 2021 photos

Hey guys! This weekend I was fortunate to fly off to Connecticut for the 2021 Armorcon!

It was an awesome trip and I loved being able to meet people like @SSGToms and @Taffy3!
Judging was also a great eye opener for me and I will be changing some things and hopefully improve even more.

I didnt do too bad myself and managed to snag 2 Gold and 1 silver in the Intermediate category.

I also went wild in the venders area and picked up the:

1/35 Takom M3 CDL

1/35 Bronco Canadian Bofor

1/35 German Grenadier wearing a parka

1/35 IBG TKS (My fav kit I got)

1/35 Revell PANZERHAUBITZE 2000

AK diorama foam

Hataka Orange line NATO paint set

(There may be more I forgot…)

ANYWAYS enough of my blabbing here are some pics I took walking around the tables!

All in all it was an awesome show!


Nice haul Ezra! Looks like the Olympics of Model Building! :1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal::2nd_place_medal:
And thank you for sharing the walk around pics!


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Well done Ezra and kudos to you for making the long trip !

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Well done on those awards!

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Glad you had a great time!

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Excellent work on your entries EZ and congrats on your medals! I’d really like to hear what you learned from your judging experience one day, thanks for posting the pics, noticed there were quite a few small scale entries.

Cajun :crocodile:

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Congrats again on your awards Ezra, they were well deserved!

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Hi Ezra,
Congrats on your wins! and thanks for posting all the pics of those wonderful models.

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Hi Ezra, well done and congratulations on the medals and thanks for posting the pictures.

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Yeah great job

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Ezra what ended up trumping your TUA in the commonwealth category? Or was that a different award?

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Don, this awesome A10 got Best Commonwealth.

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K yeah, I wouldn’t feel bad about taking Silver against that at all.

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I like it too - I know the guy who built it very well - I’ve been married to his sister for over 40 years !


Well done Ezra, and some great shots of the kits in the show. Thanks for showing them here :+1::+1:

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Well deserved scores on your medals, Ezra. Thanks for sharing the photos for us who could not attend.

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Hi Guys,
Just and FYI, Ezra didn’t “lose” to anyone. AMPS uses an open judging system, so his work stood on its own merits, not in competition to any other entries.
Ezra, glad to hear you had a great time! We were happy to have you and you worked your tail off helping to make the show function! Many thanks from all of us on the show staff. Hope you can join us next year!
Georg Eyerman :jack_o_lantern:
Chief Judge, Armorcon