Armored Ambulance On The Frontline

I have long wanted to build the Bronco Chinese armored ambulance taking wounded away from the front lines. The box cover shows said ambulance having its top hatches open, but would that be done in actual practice? I was thinking of how tank crews always kept hatches open due to ventilation even with being shot at.

If this is one of their YW series then I think the box art was based on two Iraqi vehicles. I believe the box art was inspired by photos from the Gulf War of these vehicles which were taken after they were abandoned on the battlefield- hence the open hatches. In fact, the artwork on the green and sand camo variant even has some bits of kit lying about.

In terms of operational use Iā€™m not at all sure what the regulations were regarding open hatches. But as you mentioned the ventilation in hot conditions alone, not to mention the cramped interior, would certainly seem to make it likely they would have been open on some occasions.

As you said. Common sense if nothing else would suggest one such vehicle would be deadly hot inside in a desert environment. Thanks for the info.

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