Arnhem Sdkfz222 armoured car

Hi all,
Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year.
I’ve just assembled this old Tamiya kit to the stage it has to be painted, at least inside. Bearing in mind that production of these vehicles ended in 1943, on the cusp of the change over to Dunkelgelb, I’m undecided about interior colours. Theoretically, it could be Elfenbein inside, although it could be red primer and being an open topped vehicle, it could be body colour. I’ll probably use a generic three colour scheme on the exterior. I have a photograph of an Sdkfz222 at Arnhem, which must be a 9SS vehicle by default, but since it’s taken at night it’s not a lot of help! I know that “Hohenstaufen” had four of these vehicles, they appear on the manifests, although by 1944 they should have been replaced by Sdkfz250/9s, but I suspect they replaced a shortfall in eight wheelers. Any suggestions gratefully received…

Pretty sure Elfenbein will be fine.

Looking forward to seeing this, this battle was one of my favorite subjects for various reasons.