Assorted modified figures for Arnhem dios

Here’s some of the figures I’ve modified for some of the Arnhem dios I’m working on. All are at various stages of completion.

Theses are destined to be used in a RAMC dio.


A few more:

Im sure you an guess which set these started life as.

Same with these.

This is a near complete sculpt with just the head coming from a forgotten set.


Wow that’s really a great set of figs Paul!

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Cheers. Its great getting some feedback.

Great stuff here. You are on the right tract! Thinking outside the box.

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The paras dragging their mate and the concussed chap are going to used in a flipped jeep dio. I love converting figures and making groundwork but have little patience for actual vehicle modelling.

Another figure -no idea where Ill use him so shout out any suggestions.

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