Asuka Type 74 Tank

Asuka re-released a modified version of the old Tamiya Type 74, which I have and want to build; it’s a gem! The Asuka was never exported to the US, but I’ve seen them on the internet, one sold with individual track links not part of the kit. My question is: what is the difference between a ‘stock’ Asuka 74 and the original issue Tamiya kit? Trying to ascertain if I should buy the repop and find a new home for my ‘oldie’. Thanks.

Wouldn’t be taking about the Type 74 G/Kai kit? I got one bout two years ago.

The main things I saw in this particular kit where that many improved parts replace/ or add detail to the Tamiya parts. Includes clear parts and the handles for the tool boxes and such as well as the parts to upgrade to G/Kai mod.

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As noted already, the Asuka kit includes many additional parts to detail the Tamiya kit. This includes new sprues for clear parts, handles and such, pioneer tools, and of course the parts to make the G/Kai version. If you are just looking to upgrade the Tamiya kit, Asuka sells the new detail parts sprues separately - OVM sprue is sold as generic for JGSDF, clear sprue, and handles (but not the G/Kai sprues). All are still list on HLJ’s website, but on backorder.

Thank you, that is exactly the information I was looking for.

Interesting. I’ve always wanted to build the Tamiya kit, but now the Asuka one is looking quite nice :wink: