AT&SF Reefers Planned | RailRoad Modeling

Rapido Trains is proud to announce the all new AT&SF (SantaFe) RR-56, RR-60 & RR-61 class Mechanical Reefers in HO Scale

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What a beauty. The first things I noticed are the screens and underside. But look at the underside view - does it look like the air tanks on the near side are installed backwards, i.e., the hallow backside mounted on the visible side?

All the same, this looks like an incredible model.


I thought the same but I think what we were seeing as hollows are actually shields of some sort ?

I would guess that this is a pre-production model. It would appear that the tanks you mention have rolled over and are lying on their side and that the hollow spot should be to the floor. Looking at the Santa Fe Historical Society book on mechanical reefers, these cars had a set of tanks on each side of the car set to the outside edge. Rather then air tanks I believe that these were for fuel for the onboard generator and this provided easy access for refueling operations.

I agree, this looks like another outstanding product from Rapido an one that fills a distinctive niche in mechanical reefers.