Atak: Zimmerit for Tiger I Mid Production | Armorama™

New 1/35 Zimmerit set from Atak Model for use with Tamiya Tiger I "Otto Carius".

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A couple of points:

The rear wall Zimmerit has a small hole for the “Heater port”. Now, Carius’ Tiger “217” did not have a “Heater port”. Tamiya put it there so it is Tamiya’s mistake, but cutting it off would be more accurate than working around it.

They do provide a panel with no hole. So we can fix Tamiya’s mistake.

Secondly, the Zimmerit on “217” was very “banged up” at the time Carius used the tank. This set has some damaged panels but I don’t think they go as far as the actual damage in the photos. I will check this carefully if you’re interested.


Thanks David, I am very interested in getting this set. As far as I am aware Andy’s Hobbies should carry it.