AutoModeler - New vs. Old

Gotta say… I am pretty happy with the new sites. Some still need some love, but Armorama, AeroScale and AutoModeler are chugging along quite well. :slight_smile:

AutoModeler has seen several new members start posting builds that I’ve never seen before. That can only be good news anyway you look at it.

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New members are great. Still a few, of the old guard, we haven’t seen yet, some we have seen, but not as active, as in the old forum.

Yes we are sort of back to toddler levels in terms of forum usage. I am hoping we have attracted the most active users here, but we still need to build back to where we were. Some people are skittish about learning new interfaces it seems. It’s not like our old one was that easy though. The registration and login system over the last 20 years has had more 'I can’t do x" emails than I could possibly count. The new system, other than the email sending issue we had at the start, hasn’t caused any recent complaints (that I am aware of anyway).

We could definitely use more submissions on AutoModeler itself though. :wink:

The old guard is doing it’s part with full build blogs on just about every model we build.