Available Review Items list

On the old site, on the front page, there was a link for a list of available review items. Where can these be found now? Is there still a list?

There is the old Google drive list yeah, but there has been nothing new added in a long while as the only samples I was getting regularly were from Zvezda and MRC, and MRC stopped sending a while back and I had Zvezda start sending them to Darren instead as we had trouble finding reviewers reliably.

So no really there isn’t an active samples list any longer. Darren does provide a limited number of items but I don’t think he is shipping many over-seas. The costs is just too extreme these days.

How does one get to the Google Drive sample list now in case we start using it again as the world starts to get back to normal? I guess the above explains why I have seen so many reviews as of late by Darren.