Avengers at Okinawa (USS bunker hill) question

I am building a late war TBM avenger using the accurate miniatures kit. The version I am building is from the USS bunker hill during the Okinawa invasion.

The kit comes with three types of ordinance. Either 4 500 lb bombs, a single 2000 pound bomb or a single 1600 pound armor piercing bomb. It also comes with HVAR rockets I intend to use. Given the dominance of the US navy late war, I think it will be most appropriate to build it as a ground attack variant, hence the HVAR. I was curious if anyone knows what laid out they may have carried for the bombs. I assume the 1600 pound armor piercing was for anti ship capabilities. That leaves the 500 pounders and the 2000 pounder. Given that the Japanese made extensive use of caves and dug in positions I think the 2000 lb bomb may be appropriate as a bunker buster of sorts, but I am not sure if the 500 lb would be more common