AVGP Cougar suspension and driveshaft etc. color

I am painting my Cougar. Most of what I am seeing online shows the parts of the suspension that are visible from the side green. What about the bits under the vehicle?

it’s all the same, CARC green

Yes, looks like green with environmental stresses. Here’s a link to a pic at our Warwheels site: http://www.warwheels.net/images/CougarFSVchassisAllen%20(8).jpg .

Thanks to both of you. That pic of the underside is very useful. I’ve bookmarked warwheels for future reference.

The underside would only be CARC green if the Cougar had been upgraded and re-painted. Over the period of the 1980s to the upgrades in the late 1990s the undersides were the base Olive green colour.