Awe inspired at what I see

I have noticed that the work being posted in the new forums is exceptional. It is not just a few, it is the majority of the work. The builds that are posted could be feature items in any model magizene. The quality of metal work, scratch work, painting, weathering, figures, dioramas, everything. I don’t know if this is daunting or uplifting as I feel both emotions as I read through the forums. My hat is off to you guys, you are really kicking it.


Must say that I agree. I’ve been particularly impressed by the scratch work being done and the imagination and creativity in the dioramas. Some really top shelf work all around.


It’s inspiring. I’m finding it has been a great time to come back to scale modeling (well, big scale modeling). I’ve learned so much from this forum.

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I agree. The vast majority of the work I view here is outstanding. Trying to absorb it all I have just returned to the hobby.

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Uplifting would be my choice. The ease with which people can share their projects and ideas in particular I think has been the thing.
Its definetly inspired me to get on with or start on something new.
I’m loving it on here tbh.

Inspiring. I agree and I think it’s all just inspiring. The quality of work here done by humble guys who consider themselves average modelers is very, very high. Making friends seems to be the spirit of the new forums, too. I’ve had email exchanges and trades with quite a few of the regulars here and I feel like I “know” a good number of you guys. This site always makes me feel good.


This place is most assuredly a place of inspiration. Every day someone has something new up, a finished work or a piece just begin- and the quality of the work always amazes me. I’ve struggled with modeller’s block from time to time and part of getting back into it is finding inspiration and this is certainly the place where plenty can be found!

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Great stuff indeed

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