AZ models customer service

Anyone have any experience with AZ models customer service? I was back in my hometown in Canada visiting Christmas over the holidays. I visited a local hobby store I used to frequent, and found an old F3H demon from AZ models on the shelf. Score! I love all things US Navy!

Got busy visiting family and tucked the kit in suit case for traveling home. Was really excited so cracked it open when I got home to inspect it. Beautiful kit with awesome Aires resin, and nice crisp plastic. When I noticed… the PE, IP film, and paint masks were missing. From online reviews these are all in the same bag, so it’s not surprising they are all missing.

I am not too worried about the film or the masks, but the kit is useless without the PE as it makes up the IP, the speed brakes, and the leading edge fences on the wings.

A bit of backstory, sometimes this model store gets in consignment items and stuff from the owners personal collection. The box the F3H was in was shrink wrapped, but there is tape on the box bottom leading me to believe it was previously tapped closed, and the hobby store shrinked wrapped it in store.

I am willing to bet the hobby store took it in with the PE missing. I contacted the Hobby store and to their credit they contacted AZ models for me. I also reached out to AZ models in the hopes they have spare PE fret. Has anyone dealt with AZ models customer service before? What are my odds of ever seeing this PE fret? This was a short run kit and has been OOP for years :frowning:

I would normally just take this back to the store and pick something else out, but I have gone home to Texas and have no way of returning it, without shipping it back for $20-30. Pretty bummed, was pumped for this kit. And not really sure what my recourse is


Scratch build the missing stuff . Sheet brass , aluminum flashing , aluminum soda cans can yield the material you need . Give it a try - I think you will surprise your self .


I’ve thought about this, but I am not great at working with metal :frowning:

Most of the shapes are pretty simple though. May be worth a try.

Here is what is on the photo etch fret

Worst comes to worst, there is an AM set for everything but the IP that was made for the hobby boss kit

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You can print the photo, scale it to the core size for a template. The good news is even if you fake it, it can be difficult to see the IP. I get it, you will know but most won’t be able to tell.

Yeah, even if AZ responds, it not likely they have the pe set for a 16 yr old kit. Could try eBay or model contests for a parts/trashed kit.


I’ll be damned!! AZ models responded and have the PE and film in stock! They are going to send it to me free of charge (I only need to pay postage which is $4)! Great customer service


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Well three weeks later, and I am amazed at AZ models customer service. Not only did they send me the photo etch for $4 very promptly. But they actually sent two sets!!

I was worried I had bought an expensive paper weight. AZ models made it right when I am confident it was the hobby shops fault