B-25 Doolittle

Thinking about buying a 1/48 B-25 bomber. I have been able to find the academy reboxing of the accurate miniatures Pacific theatre one, but what I would really like is either the academy rebox or original accurate miniatures version of the B-25B from the Doolittle raid. Let me know if anyone has own they would part with

There are several on e bay right now - $ 60/70 range plus shipping

if you find a deal on the A.M. B25b grab it! The booklet that comes with it alone is a great read and it’s penned by Gen. Doolittle himself. I have one, and should have bought two when they were in the thirty dollar range. Their B25g is also very nice; I might add here

They look excellent, I just picked up the sbd dauntless rebox and the quality on these old AM kits is outstanding so much so I want to grab the TBM avenger and B25. Might have to settle for the pacific theatre one. I did see eBay ones but they are a little pricey for me when I can have the other one for around $40

if Tamiya put their name on them; you’d pay seventy dollars

as I recall the A.M. kit came with the booklet and a very close copy of a blood chet (SP). I compared it with a real one, and it sure looks the part

That’s a fair point. I did just drop some money on 4 Am kits, their sbd-1 and three of the Allison mustang variants and they look excellent! Maybe I’ll have to bite the bullet and buy the Doolittle raid kit. Only thing that kills it is shipping. Being in Canada some of the ones on eBay are $70 cad plus $50 shipping…

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