B-25J Glazed Nose Test Shots | AeroScale

HK Models has provided a glimpse of what to expect in the box of their new tool 1:48 scale B-25J with glazed nose

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://aeroscale.net/news/b-25j-glazed-nose-test-shots

I’m not one of those modellers who go happily beserk with rage when something about a kit isn’t perfect. No kit is perfect. But I noticed something about the instrument panel.
Over on The Modelling News there’s a good shot of the instrument panel and next it a photograph of a real panel. It’s not captioned so I didn’t know which version of Mitchel it’s from. But it is very different.
It got me curious.
I started Googling.
The only intrument panels that look like the kit’s panel are captioned as belonging to a B-25B, B-25C or a PBJ.
For example, https://ww2db.com/image.php?image_id=29205.
Or, https://www.militaryfactory.com/cockpits/detail.php?aircraft_id=81.
Then searching for B-25J panels, I pretty much find photo’s like the one on The Modelling News (with minor variations.)
What I also picked up in the search is that Yahu Models made a replacement panel for HKM’s 1/32 B-25J - http://www.yahumodels.com/index.php/produkt/yma3238-b-25-j-hkm/.
Does anyone know anything much about B-25 instrument panels? (I definitely do not.)
Anyway, it’s a great looking kit, looks like fun to build and coming up with a new instrument panel certainly won’t stop me.