B-58 Out Soon | AeroScale

Wolfpack Design is releasing its first 1:44 scale kit in the form of the Convair B-58A Hustler

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Iā€™m fairly certain that Little Rock AFB is not in Fort Worth, Texas. :wave:

Indeed not. But the 43rd Bombardment Wing was based at Carswell AFB in Fort Worth, and the B-58 was indeed based there. In fact it was built just a few miles away at Air Force Plant 4. At one time an example of almost every aircraft built in Fort Worth was on display close to the I-30/Highway 183 interchange. Currently the F-35 is built in Fort Worth.

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Started my career ar AF Plant #4. Worked with guys who had designed bits of the B-58 back in the day. Actually AF Plant #4 is on the western edge of Carswell AFB, now called Joint Base something or other. :wave: