Baby Yoda...ish

Hi all. I am not sure if I ever posted on this side of the border. I generally hang around in Aeroscale, although I ocasionally build Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Ayways. This one is a 3D printed figure, passed to me by a coleague of my wife with a request of painting. The second one (without the gold colour on the base) is for my wife. I think it is based on the TV…or internet…series The Mandalorian. I have no idea where the original data for the printing originated and came from, I just painted them. The surface is spectacularly awful due to the home version cheap printer and I didn’t bother to improve it. I am not able to use my usual old enamel paints uch lately, due to fumes since I share my study with the wife, so I mostly used acrylics. Tell me what you think. Cheers…


Looks close enough to me! :smile:

Nice glazing on the eyes. He looks cute to me! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Future. I still have a little bit of stock.

hopefully this show comes out on DVD as I’m not going to pay for a channel just to watch on show.

great work on the model btw.

Looks good! Now give him the shifter knob.