BananaTank 1/35 Tank Model Series (SLA 3D Printing) -13


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[Banana Tank]1/35 Chinese ZTZ-88A/88B main battle tank resin model

[Banana Tank]1/16/35 American HSTV-L light tank resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 British FV215B heavy tank resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 American T54E2/M54 Renegade tank resin turret,for TAMIYA M48A3

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[Banana Tank]1/35 Russian T-50-2 light tank resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 US Hell Dog Fire support Vehicle(T57 3D skin version) resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 Russian PT-76-57 light tank turret resin model,for Trupeter,etc

[Banana Tank]1/35 US M1A5 Abrams main battle tanke resin model


[Banana Tank]1/35 Russian T-90A prototype:Object 187 main battle tank(No.0) resin model

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[Banana Tank]1/35 Chinese ZTZ-79 main battle tank(Style 1) resin model

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Can you please make the T54E2/M54 Renegade turret available through Amazon?
I would really like to purchase one.

Thank you!

I purchased the T54E2/M48A3 turret and HSTV-L from Bannana Tank on Amazon, and I’m very happy with both models! Shipping from China was surprisingly quick (about 10 days to the east coast).

If you have any questions, the seller is very responsive to private messages on this forum.

T54E2/M48A3 turret on amazon:

HSTV-L on amazon:

Thank you very much for your purchase and review!
We are very happy that the model was able to make you like it!
It’s great that the logistics went smoothly.
We look forward to your work! :star_struck: