BananaTank 1/35 Tank Model Series (SLA 3D Printing) -14


[Banana Tank]1/35 Chinese ZTZ-79 main battle tank(Style 2) resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 Russian T-90A Burlak main battle tank resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 Russian Object 120(SU-152 Taran) tank destroyer resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 Swedish Bandkanon 1C self-propelled artillery resin model

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i am interested in the burlak turret, can you put it on amazon so i can buy it in the usa?

@john_harachis Thank you for your message.
Above is the Amazon buying address for the 1/35 Russian Burlak Resin Turret,for T-72/80/90.

However, our store is on vacation from October 2 to October 7, and we will not be able to ship your order during this period.

Oh I would love this, is it on Amazon?

Hello, thank you for your message.
This model is not available on Amazon yet, we will sell it on Amazon later if you want to order it.

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Hello. I was very interested in the barge hauler. Tell me, you don’t sell a 3D model?

Thing looks like a giant tennis ball launcher.

Hello, if you are inquiring about 3D modeling, then we do not sell this item at this time.
At the moment we mainly sell 3D printed resin models.