BananaTank 1/35 Tank Model Series (SLA 3D Printing) -7


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[Banana Tank]1/35 Swedish KRV heavy tank resin model


[Banana Tank]1/35 Swedish Armed crane(KRV tank 3D skin version) resin model


[Banana Tank]1/35 Swedish No.13(KRV tank 3D skin version) resin model


[Banana Tank]1/35 Israeli M51 Sherman tank(welding type) resin model


[Banana Tank]1/35 Russian BMP-1 armored vehicle turret resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 US T49 light tank XM551 experimental turret resin model,for TAMIYA M41

[Banana Tank]1/35 British Churchill-I Infantry Tank resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 German Leopard2 Prototype:Leopard 2AV main battle tank resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 Chinese 99A/A2 w/GL5 APS main battle tank resin model

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[Banana Tank]1/35 Russian IS-7/JS-7 prototype:Object 260 heavy tank resin model


Hi, I am located in Germany. How can I buy the Leopard 2AV kit? It looks very good to me.

@2505-Steven Hello and thank you for your letter.
We will put this model on the Amazon store in a week, then you can try to buy it and we will ship it to you at the address of your order.
If the system indicates that it cannot be delivered to your address, we will cancel the order and give you a full refund.

How much is the cost in EURO or in US-Dollar?
Will check Amazon. Thank you.

Hello, the price for this model is $75.

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Thank you. Please let me know when it is on Amazon.

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Hello, we have put the model on Amazon, you can consider it and then place an order.
Here is the link to purchase the item.

Hi, unfortunately I cannot order, see attached screenshot.

Hello, we checked the backend link immediately after receiving your reply and it is in normal on-sale status.
Maybe the server is not too stable, please try to reopen the page.

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Hello, we sincerely hope that we can help you with your problem.
If you are viewing this without being logged into your Amazon account, perhaps the order button will not appear either, so please try viewing it after you have logged in.