Bandai 1/16 Rolls Royce Balloon Car

Dont in it … Keep putting thw work in , it is really nice thus far

Well Ken, I can say with some confidence that everyone of us has dreamed of making a silk purse from a sow’s ear, I spent two years off and on trying to get Academy’s M551 Sheridan up to correct standard and when Tamiya came out with their kit I 86’d the one I had spent so much time on. You’ve got a decent model there and an opportunity to build your skills, even if it doesn’t come out to be a concours build you will have the learning experience. There’s no need to can this Rolls you can always take a break from it. I regret I don’t still have that Sheridan but the circumstanes were a little different for me. Hang in there, don’t let it whup you. :wink:

Cajun :crocodile:

Yes I’m repeating myself but what you’ve got is pretty much what you’d expect if it was a barn find, it’s far too interesting to just bin it. Check out General Discussions/In Memoriam/Speedy J/Citroen barn-find images December 2020 for inspiration :tumbler_glass:

Not so sure I agree with all of you to push Ken into either continuing the build, or just boxing it up for another try down the road.

I’ve been building models longer then a good percentage of you have been alive (I’m 73), have gone the IPMS regional/national route, and after a good number of years just walked away from the hobby for more then 25 years as I was just burnt out. When I came back I build strictly for myself, to my own standards. My completion rate out of the 4 kits I finish each year has been 3 with a few years of all 4. I’ve tossed more then 75% of the kits I didn’t finish because they didn’t meet my expectations, were nightmare’s to correct a mega dose of errors. Honestly, most of them were sent to the re-cycling center.

Do I regret those decisions? In almost every case the answer is no. I just moved on to other kits that are far better IMHO judged by my standards. Builds that I truly enjoyed, and learned a few things along the way.

Ken just needs to evaluate what the actual effort needed to correct, replace, and make missing parts will be. If he decides that it’s just not want he thought it would be, and or that this kit in particular with a multitude of missing or damaged parts is way more effort where the fun and enjoyment of the build is long gone, then I support his decision that maybe tossing it is the right thing to do. But if he still feels he can bring it up to his personal standards, then box it up for another day would be the proper way to go.


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Thanks for all the replies, and helpful thoughts I sat at the bench tonight intending to do some more work on the 904 but found myself drawn to this one I’ve not done any work on it but I analysed what actually needs doing (stuff the average person with not much knowledge of the workings of a car) and I figured I could actually build most of what’s here (assuming the broken parts would be strong enough when glued) and very few people would notice the missing parts, the next question is would it niggle me knowing, I think the honest answer (even though it will end up in the shed when finished) is yes it would.
I then decided how much of a percentage of missing or broken parts would be really hard to make the answer is probably 20% my quandary now is do I fix the 80% I know I could fix then find I can’t do the 20% of hard parts or do try and do the 20% of hard parts its really tricky as I’m pretty sure if I start the hard stuff and can’t do it I will probably shelve it, I don’t know its just funny how I’m drawn to it and at the same time it intimidates me.

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The dilemma is compounded by the fact that it is an older and uncommon kit that you have wanted to pick up for years. If it was an easy kit to find I think you would bin it without hesitation. As it stands I would keep it off to one side and tinker with it between other projects. You might find suitable spares from other kits along the way that can be adapted to this one.
In an interesting side note, the same kit has come up on one of my regular Facebook BSS sites here, sprues still in factory sealed bags. Very tempting indeed!

Cheers, D

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Since you have so many still unanswered questions about making those missing parts, I’d shelve it for now, and concentrate on the Porsche 906. Then ever so often work on making one new part at a time. Just see what happens. You really don’t have to make any other decisions right now.


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Don’t bin it, Ken!

At worst, let it sit for a while and maybe convert it into some kind of steam punk creation…

But if you bin it, there’s no coming back from that😲

Hi all I’ve decided to shelve it for a while, I will come back to it though.


If your heart and soul isn’t into the build, then you made the right decision as far as I’m concerned.