This is a result of down sizing a diorama. The older version of this vignette, was called ‘Fire Fight’, which was slightly bigger. I am still adding small details to it but it is pretty much done.


Another A+ Charles. Great detail in a small area. Great poses on the figures. And as always, the painting of figures and scene is superb.


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Like it! More compact tells a better story. Makes the scenario seem more desperate and intense.

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Superb work as ever sir! :+1::clap:

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excellent work, what figures did you use?

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Thank you Creading

Exactly my thoughts. Thank you.

Klaus-Adler, the figures are from Paracel and Evolution Miniatures

Nice work, I like it!

I think the figures kneeling with the rocket launcher are not resin figures, I don’t remember them from either Evolution or Paracel. In fact, they look pretty crude in way of details, and that’s my only nitpick, as these two figures are difficult to place in the same vignette with the exceptionally detailed resin figures from Evolution and Paracel.


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I think they are MIAM.


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Yep! those are the ones.

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