Battle of Berlin panzers’ odd markings

Curious about Panther G - 312, marked with the swastika.

Is there a consensus as to the color? Some have the swastika as solid white, others as a light blue, some edged and filled in with a solid color. Which is correct?

Another Panther is similarly marked as is a Tiger, I believe. Has anyone determined a reason for these markings?

Steve Zaloga in the ancient Eastern Front book contended that some panzers were marked with mimetic white turret stripes and if I recall correctly, white crosses on the turrets’ tops ala Red Army markings.

Is there any photographic evidence for this?

A few years ago, I saw online someone’s Panther F build which was overall olivgrun and featured a white band around the turret. Sharp-looking model. I should have saved some pictures.

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