Battle of the Bulge

Tis the season for winter vignettes and dios.
I am working on a dio right now trying to show the moment Major McCown of the 2/119 InfRegt realized he was surrounded in the woods north of the Stoumont/LaGleize road and had to throw in the towel.
He was captured along with his radioman and orderly. His testimony during the Malmedy trial gives us enormous insight into the workings of KG Peiper while they were surrounded in LaGleize and then during their foot escape.

The radioman so far. Searching my spares box I realized I had no walkie talkie so I had to scratch one.

I ended up using a basic Dragon fig, Hornet head and LiveResin Garand. Straps are my usual low tech lead foil.

I placed the finished guy in a temp. scene just to show him because in the final dio he won't be easily visible.



Another masterpiece in the making. :+1:


Thanks bud.

So very cleverly built up … Great to see the bare bones, then through to painted… Definitely tagging along for this one :+1:


Thank you kindly sir.

Oh, boy, oh Boy,OH, BOY! More fun at JR Rutman’s Auxiliary Sewing Circle and Still Life Motion Picture Parlor! This little dude has a seat on the bus to the Photo Chop Shop


Thanks man. Looking forward to it.


From Normandy to The Bulge… :+1:t3:

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Excellent work!

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Looks the biz in B&W man thanks buddy!

Thanks stickpusher and Taylor !

Whoop whoop!! An exciting new series to follow :grin:

Outstanding Jerry as usual, great to see you doing GIs in the Bulge.

Maybe a little bit. I dunno yet. I am not done with the Scotsmen in Normandy that’s fer sure. Thats fer DANG sure,

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Thanks man. It’s an old on and off area of interest for me, brought about by the famous “Duel in the Mist” books.

Beautiful work JR , how did you manage the FM on the five o’clock shadow … ?

combat conditions relaxed grooming standards,heheheheh

Try to imagine the smell of pinewoods mixed with cordite and the crackling a small arms in the near and far distance punctuated by rips of MG42 fire and staccato bursts of 30cal MG fire.
This scen tries in my humble way to show the moment Major Hal McCown decides discretion is the better part of valor and surrenders himself, his radioman and orderly to the counterattacking troops of the LAH north of Chateux Froid Cour in Belgium Dec’44.IMG_4363|666x500


A little “Battleground” reference?