Been away too long

Hello everyone, been away for many years. Buddy gave me a Tamiya TigerI for xmas and the bug is back. Lots of changes in the hobby but some things have not changed,
Not sure what I am going to work on ( the past was SHERMANS, all types and flavours) but I know where to come for help and guidance!
Will hopefully post a pic of the Tiger soon.



Welcome back to the hobby Doug! Looking forward to seeing that Tiger.


Welcome back Doug. It’s a very friendly bunch here and you can post about anything and ask any question. I hope to see you a lot on the forums.

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As what the other guys have said Doug, welcome and looking forward to seeing your take on the Tiger.

Welcome back Doug!

I did what you do now 5 years ago(gosh, how time flies…).
And I’ve cherished each and every moment since my comeback to the hobby- wish this happens to you too!

There’s no salvation from “styrene-and-glue obsession” and that’s for good!


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Welcome back. Can only echo what others have already said. Lots of friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful folks. Good luck and happy modeling. :grin: :grin:

Yah ditto what everyone else says! The most friendly group of glue sniffers I’ve met. :grin:

Welcome back to the hobby Doug!

There are many new wonderful kits these days of Sherman’s, Tiger’s - it’s a golden era.

Great to welcome someone else back into the fold. And remember that posting pics on here, unlike other forums, is so simple, no photo hosting, just drag and drop, or click on the portrait symbol. We’re in the future!

Welcome Doug,

Cheers, Jim.

Welcome back Doug - I don’t know how it was when you were last modeling but it seems nowadays the armor guys get all the babes . That’s why I build things with wings - I am old and too tired to run from them .

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Welcome back to the hobby and welcome to the forums. You’ll find it easy to hang out in here…pretty much everyone is helpful and friendly.


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