Bergepanzer 3 Büffel HobbyBoss

Found this images on HB site.


Looks very nice. I really like the detailed interior. I hope they do an M88 to the same level of detail as well.

Rear grille is inaccurate. Should be 11 slats, not 12. The same mistake they made on their 2A4M CAN kit. HB don’t listen!
Does look really nice though!!

Looks like an awesome kit. Would love for a new M88 yes, not that the AFV Club kit is bad .

I am sure that AM industry will come with a correction set, not only for rear grille.

Interior detail is tempting!

Are the Buffels in this image 3s or 2s ? would be a great dio.


Greek Bergepanzer 3 Büffel. There is no Bergepanzer 2 Büffel, just Bergepanzer 2

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Looks great, but I will wait to see which major dimensions they borked - after all it’s a HB kit!