Best clear coats

Who makes the best clear coats these days that doesn’t yellow stays stable. I know way back mirco had a problem with yellowing had to use very fine sanding files to get enough off my model and used something else. My buddy use to swear by future floor wax but said they changed the formula and it didn’t work as well. I know new products come out all the time, bunches from Japan and maybe China with all the model companies that have sprung up over the years. Most of my 144 kits come from China even with a Japanese label.

I prefer Alclad Aqua or Tamiya clear. There are many choices, so I’m sure others will offer their bests also.

I always use Tamiya lacquer clears (not from the spray can though, their new airbrush lacquers). I also thin them with the Retarder Thinner which leaves a glassy finish 100% of the time

My favorite stuff is the Alclad Aqua Gloss,their Lacquer stuff is good too,especially the flat,it’s really dead flat.

I also like the Vallejo stuff too

Thanks for your time and information, have to check those