Beute bombs

I know the Germans and the Russians both used as much of the other guy’s stuff as their own. Specific info I’m interested in is did the Sovs use captured SC-50 bombs in lieu of their FAB-50s? Working on a Po-2 night bomber. Kit has 4 FAB-50s, but 1 went MIA , and it looks like the kit ones are the 1943 versions. (I’m shooting for a 42 aircraft) I have a bunch of SC-50s kicking around which would solve both issues, if historically correct.

Addendum: Anybody make FAB-50s? Only ones I’m finding thus far is a set by Eduard with R132 rockets (not needed). Everything else I’m finding are 100kg, 250kg, 500kg or Cold War.

I am not an aviator at all.

In a very small topic “On the use of captured air bombs” there is the following phrase: "in sorties 502 шап (жбд 214 шад) for 05/10/1943, it is indicated that “50 FAB-50 (German)” were also used "

502 шап - 502nd Assault Taman Aviation Field
жбд - Journal of combat operations
214 шад” - 214th assault aviation division of Kerch

they flew the truth on the IL-2.

There is also a fairly recent post “Every third bomb was a trophy …”.

Having a rough understanding of what happened to material support on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, I believe that the use of captured aerial bombs is quite possible. And even more so in 1943.

If I were you, I would make several of them (half) and clearly highlight them with color.

From what I read on the German bombs (SC-50, 250 etc) were painted RAL 8020 tan around mid 42. Prior to RAL7021 Dunkelgrau was the primary color. Captured stock would be , most likely 8020, I’d think. (by the time the Soviets started capturing large numbers of bombs the dunkelgrau ones would have been pretty much all dropped.) My main concern was how compatible German bombs would be with Soviet bomb racks. I did see the Soviets did use artillery shells to make bombs. Attached fins to the shell and “bombs away!” There is some interesting info on the ue of shells for bombs at the bottom of this site. Part 2, FAB 50 (

For about $30 you could cast your own replacements, and a lot of other parts as well.