Bf109F-4/B WWII German Fighter Bomb 1/48 - ICM

Model: Bf109F-4/B WWII German Fighter-Bomber.
Branding: ICM
Codw: 48104.
Version: Basic
Parts: 129.
Model Length: 188,5mm.
Wingspan: 207mm.
Add-ons included: None.
Add-ons extras: Set of guns feom Master Miniature, photoetched Eduard e canopy masks from Montex.
Decal: 4 options
✓ 10. (Jabo)/JG26, France, Spring 1942.
✓ 2./JG51, Russia, Summer 1942.
✓ 1/JG54, Russia, Winter 1942.
✓ Obt. Frank Liesendahl, Stafel Kaptan of 10. (Jabo)/JG2, France, March 1942.

While the paints are still stopped at customs, I’m still preparing another kit.


First steps

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After a long time I return to assembly.

Now I finished the cockpit and engine.

The cockpit I used RLM02 late version wnd for engine RLM66