Big Scale Wiesel from Takom | Armorama™

Takom announced a 1/16 scale item scheduled for summer 2021.

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The 1/16 TOW mounted variant is already on sale.

This is the version I was waiting for :grin:.

I have the TOW variant on my stash shelves at the moment. I do enjoy some of the larger scale items like the Dragon line of battle rifles for example so I had to go for a vehicle with a TOW on it. Although looking at it seems not like the greatest vehicle for Afghanistan, although that will give me something to research prior to doing it. There is also a crewman included with it.

My son had me pick up the Panzer 1 to do as a joint project. I have that one out to start but we got slowed down since I’ve been cleaning up my stash areas to get him more space for his stuff and me more hiding space for my continuing purchases so it’s not quite as obvious just how much I do have. So we are moving items I don’t have display space for as of yet because I don’t have the stuff on hand to build more this construction season so won’t get those done before 2022. Poor internet connectivity slows my browsing looking for exactly what I want to use along with the limited selection of appropriate boards in the community. Everything comes by sea lift starting around the end of July ending by mid October. Anything else is flown in weather permitting of course.

I starting building the first of these that Takom put out and am at the point of attaching the running gear/tracks, but for the life of me I CANNOT figure out HOW the idler assembly is supposed to attach to get the right tension for the tracks…??? Either I did something wrong, or I’m missing something obvious in the instructions…I dunno…more ???'s


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