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Black Dog has new 3D Printed items like helmets, jerrycans and more

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Taking a page from FC modeltrends playbook, we don’t get to see the real thing ?


That’s hilarious :joy: :smiley: :smile:

If they see it, they might not want to buy it, school of marketing? It’s worked in BD’s favor in the past.

If I’d seen the previous Black Dog products, I purchased I wouldn’t have bought them.

Maybe the 3D stuff will be better.
I hope so.

Black Dog should provide pictures if they want a shot at earning back previous unhappy customers.


Even the 3D models of those helmets look pretty weak.

Blackdog are now reboxing Firma49 3D printed products which are excellent. Check out the Firma49 website, lots more stuff there. Good service too.

I thought the US helmets were good. I can say the maker logo or the XX are too big for the german jerrycans. I wonder if mass printing will be good business…


Also, it’s hard to tell if the X on the US jerry can is correct:

Here’s what I have:

The center of X should be a little bit more off centered? Like these?

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I will never buy an FC Model Trend product again. I was duped twice. First time I thought it was a fluke. The second time I received a sub-standard product I made up my mind. The CAD drawings are amazing. The actual products, the headsets for instance, are horrible.


Just got these for my Pershing…great job Black Dog…great molds…

How do you remove a molding block from between two tarps? I need to scratch build the section of rail missing…not the end of the world…but I should not have to.


That’s the standard for Black Dog - expensive crap.


Yes, this is the molding quality I expect from Chinese knockoffs.


I wouldn’t necessarily bet against the Ali-Express knock off pirates. Some of their copies may have superior quality to OEM Black Dog products they’ve ripped off.