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New bases and figures of women mechanics

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It’s nice to see Black Dog are moving with the times in its portrayal of Women!! Come on Black Dog it is 2023 not the early 70’s

I think they’re pretty accurate for the female mechanics who advertise their Only Fans pages with reels on Facebook. It maybe reflects the nature of the research rather than outdated views on how women should be portrayed in scale :joy:

I will say I am not a fan of the female figures as they are cliché, but the number of negatives seem high as I like the vignette bases. The only issue I ever had with the bases is that the underside is usually lopsided and it takes forever to level out if you have to sand by hand.

That base would look nice with some PTO Marine figures. Replicating the landings at Guadalcanal.

Blackdog bases are generally very good quality and I’ve bought some at Clearance prices. The bases lack the warps, runs, air bubbles, and other casting defects modelers have complained about Blackdog AFV and figure kits, but I can’t speak for every Blackdog base kit.

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