Bloody Hell - Diorama build overview

Greetings fellow modelers,

I just wanted to share pics of my latest efforts. Now retired, I have plenty of time to build, and improve my work.

The scene:
The M3 ‘Honey’ was a very fast little tank, but when driving across the open desert, at high speed, dry stream-beds, ‘wadis’, can be hazardous to your health.

This Honey’s crew found that out the hard way. And then the Afrika Korps showed up at the scene of the accident, making things much worse.

Note: This was a peril that worried us when I rode an APC (M113A1) around the flatlands of the American Southwest.

It’s been a while since I did a North Afrika diorama. Desert landscapes are generally so boring. This dio allowed me to add more shape, and include vehicles and crews from both sides – a difficult thing to do realistically, when battle ranges are usually measured in 100s of meters.

The M3 is from Airfix. The Panzer III from Dragon. The figures are from MiniArt & MB, with Hornet heads, of course. All the baggage is from Value Gear. The rock outcropping, is composed of real rocks.

BTW: I adore the Value Gear stuff, as well as the MiniArt Jerry cans. I consider them the best on the market…

Final note: I enjoy shifting the photos to Black-n-White or at least fading them, just to see how close my efforts come to the real period photos. Try it, you may like it.

Please, let me know what you think. Any advice to help improve my modeling skills is welcome.

I know that my photography skills certainly need work…


Very nice. I love the concept. Well executed. :+1:

Wow! Nice work! I think the layout is great, as you say it’s tricky to make a diorama containing 2 tanks that isn’t too big. I like the layout a lot.
The figures works fine and gives me an “action” feeling.
To add a palm tree would of course give an extra edge, just my thought.
It’s very nice to see other diorama builders work, keep posting my friend:) /Erik

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Ralph I think it came excellent! I love the composition with the two tanks kinda perpendicular to each other- it works. It definitely tells a story. Your ground work is very good and I actually like the background color for the pictures. The paint and weathering came great on both tanks especially the M3 ( didn’t know airfix made one !). Great job all around

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MetalHead - Thanks, Airfix and Acadamy make the same kit - same molds. Airborne!

Oh ok good to know- Airborne bro !

Did academy make a British version ? I have one I built as a USMC M3

Yes “M3 Stuart Honey” kit# 13270

Oh yeah I remember now

Great story in a rather compact space. :+1: :+1:

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BTW Ralph I hear ya with respect to riding around the desert in M113s (especially at night ) worrying about dry river beds, wadis and whatever and ending up eating the .50 cal etc lol. I did a few rotations at NTC…

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:+1:t2: :+1:t2:


Armorsmith - Thanks. I try to limit all of my Dioramas to 30cm - shelf size…

Well firstly I hope you can stretch to having bigger shelves for the future, second if this is bad photography I’m throwing my camera away, thirdly wow what a peach of a scene – very high quality everything mate, I love it :tumbler_glass:


Dioramartin - Thanks. I appreciate it. I’m still trying to improve my figure’s faces. The camera was just my lowly iPhone. Sufficient lighting is important. I only used Photoshop on the black & white shot. What did you think of that one? Realistic?

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I know what I think but let others judge…

:trophy: :tumbler_glass:


Nicely done man , very cool compact build that does the picture/thousand words thing justice !!

Tim , I’ll see your two b/w photos and raise you one …

Beautiful build Bravo36 !!


Great scene- plenty to see and a it tells a good story. Stellar work.

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Very impressive build and very dramatic! Nice :slight_smile:

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Does anyone of the Brits have a bump and/or a gash on his forehead? Nice dio… :slight_smile: :+1:t2:

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