Border Models Panzer IV F.1 complete

Hello folks its been a while ( had to make a new account for the new forums)
Here is my border panzer IV, the tool layout is a bit off but otherwise what do you think?
The mud I feel is an are where I could improve a lot. !
Im open to any feedback. Good or bad.




Not only is your model excellent, but your photos are too. The lighting is perfect.

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Beautiful kit, and well done. Did you add a touch of blue to your panzer gray? As a kit, how would you compare it to Dragon, etc?

Most excellent. Great photos, too.

Fantastic finish on that kit! Well Done!

EXCELLENT WORK!..painting and presentation top notch!

Your construction, painting, and weathering are outstanding! I think your mud is just right the way it is. I like all the little details you added here and there. :+1:

That looks really great!

Excellent job,weathering looks just right.

I have been wondering about that company where do their kits fall in,like Tamiya,Dragon,Trumpeter,or on their own.

I am guessing that the sand color on the fender tops is sand? If so, that is a good representation. Most models I see overlook this. Sand/dirt would get on the finders from the track and people tracking dirt/mud onto the tank when they climb on with dirty boots.

Everything is looking amazing.
exellent work on the exhaust pipe, the weathering, the wood tool handles.
great job.

Top quality build with great painting and weathering, thank you for sharing it with us. Best regards…Dale