Border Models Stug III G - Molding Error

Most online shops want to help out and resolve problems so you stay with them.My Dragon Panther that I ordered from Spruebrothers was missing a small PE fret,they opened another one and gave the part to me,then they deal with Dragon for the replacement,thats good customer service.

Perfect example of what good customer service should be.

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I would think it would be quicker to deal with the manufacturer than seller.
Good luck!

I’m assuming you’ve never had the opportunity of trying to deal with manufacturers? While some are very good at responding, others are a waste of time. I tried to get some missing parts for an AFV Club kit by reaching out to them in every possible way over the course of a year - via FaceBook post, via FB Messenger, via email, and even through Hobbyeasy where I bought the kit. Only response I got was via Messenger and that led nowhere, and HE never got me the parts either. I gave up and sourced aftermarket parts that are better detailed anyways!

Yes,service varies,twice I dealt with Meng once because I broke something and needed a sprue,and the other time there was a missing part,they were very fast redponding to emails and shipping.

I had great service with Dragon Care once.

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LOL…I have heard that service referred to as “Dragon Don’t Care” by some.


Maybe, but they treated me right.

I have had both an excellent experience in which I had the replacement parts within two weeks, and still an open ticket for two years now.

Well, I think Dragon a few years ago is nothing like today, unfortunately.

@Greg_Neufeldt Greg, did Border or Lucky ever provided a replacement part?

Hopefully there was a positive outcome.

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They did - Border came through with the replacement part…it was a frustrating experience with a positive outcome!

Thanks for checking back!


Greg, appreciate the update!
Good to know Border made that right :white_check_mark:

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