Border Models StuG IIIG late first look

Hi all,

Received mine today in the mail from Japan. Vendor’s name withheld for obvious reasons.
Molded in light grey.
Replica panzer badge in box.
11 clear bags with parts; 1 smaller bag with PE, decal sheet, brass rounds and braided copper wire; and 1 ziploc bag with clear plastic periscopes and single PE piece.
1 assembly manual with addenda sheet included.

My kit came pretty tightly packed, but only suffered two minor breakages. 1 spade handle and 3 of the gerry can handles. (I can easily replace them from spares.)

Assembly is in 67 steps, plus placement of stowage and figures.

I am looking forward to building this kit.
Love the link-and-length track.


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We would like to look as well. Photos please. (At least boxart.)

I will try my best, my skills with a phone camera are iffy at best.


This kit?