Box keeping?

So how many of you are going thru an even more serious sickness than model hording…box keeping AFTER you have already finished the build? Finished another today and I am thinking this might be a little crazy.

Not I. I’ll save the instruction sheet, any parts and decals not used, and that’s it. Into the garbage and recycle cans go the rest. I don’t have enough room to start saving boxes as well.


Guilty here!:sweat_smile: Can’t bring myself to toss the box art — the reason I bought the kit in the first place.:art:
I flatten or cut the art off in order to save space.:package:


I keep the ones I like and then put them in a nice frame.
Hang them on the wall in the man cave.

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@Stikpusher same here, but I guess I am about to get a larger bin for the supposed kit bash that could happen.

@justsendit I stopped that about two years ago. For some reason fell back to this way.

@markiii the ones I cut down two years ago was for this. Maybe I will get frames at the dollar store and get them up finally.

I’m on the opposite end. Stash too big so if a box is bigger than absolutely needed I will “reduce” it.
Two similar kits can share a box. The sprues can be resized to fit a much smaller box.
Two kits in smaller but too big boxes can share a larger box so that the total volume is still reduced.
Aftermarket goes in the box of the base kit so that the AM-boxes can be binned.
If the box-art seems to contain useful information it might get saved until the kit is built.
Bits and pieces of the sides of the box can be used to decorate the outside of the new boxing.

I can not waste space on empty boxes, even if I unfold them to flat sheets …

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Me to, but i save the box art

No, not me. I’ve got 600 boxes in the basement with kits IN them and that’s more than enough of a mass of boxes for me! When I’m done with a kit, anything left over goes straight in the garbage, unless it’s Sherman parts. Those go in a big square peanut jar.


I have plastic bags with a zipper of 30 by 40 cm. These are normally used for refrigirating food.

In that bag I put the box art, the instruction sheet and any leftover parts and decals.

Very easy to store, and finding back spare parts or decals is very easy as these bags are transparent.


I like to keep the box art, not the whole box. I generally don’t keep instructions or extra parts unless it’s equipment or accessories that may be useful with another kit.

I keep the box lids but cut off the sides. Any notes on the build are
written on the back for future reference, if needed.
ie mods made, paint color used or custom mixes, any AM used etc.
Box cover and instructions go into a filing cabinet.

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Not me,I throw them out

Man it must be tough to get them out of all those peanuts when you need them…

oh, sometimes I save the box art

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I only keep a few big sturdy ones - to hold all the spare parts left over from multiple builds. I keep one spares-box for each basic type of kit (Shermans, trucks, etc) to make it easier to find parts for future builds - I’m up to half a dozen which are mostly the bigger DML and Academy ones. The rest goes in the recycling.



I have spares boxes for the extra parts; the rest go into the garbage/recycling.

Living in Japan I can TOTALLY understand that; space is ALWAYS at a premium here!

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I still use the box from my 1/32 Tamiya Tomcat from the 80’s to hold a lot of stuff.
The build is long gone though

Like many I keep the spare parts but make a grand showing of throwing away the box. One because I completed a kit, once rare occurrence. Two, in mind I am getting points since the wife would like to do the same and a box is leaving the house. Course those points are quickly wasted when I open my mouth later that hour but one problem at a time. :joy:


There’s actually a market on ebay for empty kit boxes! Might as well save the empty kit boxes; as long as they’re reasonably mint they’re worth a few bucks! :grin:

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Boxes? Rarely. There are a few box art covers that I’ve kept but mainly, they go to the recycle bin.

Same with the instructions. However, I have a couple of file cabinet folders with instruction sheets, mainly saved from the 70s & 80s.

Decals? Yes, I save spares.

Parts? I have bins full of parts.

Years ago there was a site managed by an IPMS-Quebec or -Monteal (IIRC) run by a man named J-Marc, J-Marc Parts Yard. It was an endevour to collect unwanted parts, pieces, documentation, etc., for whomever needed them. Don’t know what became it Parts Yard or J-Marc, they disappeared c.2014.

It was a great philanthropic modeling idea but I’ll bet it was time consuming.