Bradley Detail?

Referring to the attached image, can anyone explain the purpose of this item on the M2 and M3 Bradley?
It appears to be made of rubber, and is seen on both sides of the vehicle (though omitted in some cases).



Like Gino once said

both are to hold gear and keep it from being easily torn off



Yes, I noticed that items such as fuel cans are often stowed
behind the panels, but wasn’t sure if that was their actual purpose.


As Frenchy said, that is what they are for.

For almost any Bradley question, check here for most answers.

If anyone has ever wondered what secures that flap, you can go with zip ties…

Or what look like the retention strap on an ALICE pack, which of course “np one” uses any more. I’d have to walk thirty feet to my garage to check to see if it’s the same strap, but I choose not to. :slight_smile:

Also seen but not photographed - 550 cord, 1 inch nylon tube - I’ver seen both black and yellow used, and of course the various cargo straps used on those bolt on brackets to secure gear.


Many thanks … very useful detail images.


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