Bradley vs BMP2 in gun duel?

Dumb question, can the Bradley’s armor various packages withstand KPV-14.5mm heavy machine gun fire?

I think that’s most AAA.

I think that’s similar threat level to a WW2 era anti-tank rifle round in ballistics.

That was in the battle of 73 easting in the first gulf war! You are correct TOW missiles won the day. The discussion starts around the 25 minute mark. Two Bradley’s took out 5 T-72


Hadn’t really noticed before, but that Bradley looks an awful lot like a blurry Sherman tank. Pretty sure they weigh about the same too.

I’ve seen Bradley weight listed as 26 to 35 tons depending on configuration. I’ve seen Sherman weight listed between 32 to 38 tons depending on configuration. Seems like the two are very close in weight.

@loncray Lee, very interesting, it appears as a blurry Sherman to you.

The M2A2 Bradley has always looked similar to an Africa Korp Pz.Kpfw IV to me. Part of the turret design, part of it the paint, part of it the color of the main gun barrel and part of it the symbols on the hull. The side skirts also remind me of a later Pz IV with skirtzen.

Sherman never crossed my mind. M



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I accidentally painted a M2A2 Bradley after ODS in the wrong colors right after the first Gulf War. I was sleep and grabbed a bottle of RAF MiddleStone instead of US Armor Sand. Friends had some fun teadiit was a Panzer Yellow M2A2 :slight_smile:

In any case, this is my favorite M2A2 picture of all time. I wish I could figure out a way to model the stream of blue flame from the chain gun that looked convincing.

I think the picture captures perfectly the awesomeness of US Army on the battlefield.

Sir, please calm down. Im sorry for you and your fellow soldiers, I don’t mean to offense anyone by saying something to do with videogames.

I was specifying on attacking the T-54/55 frontally, it is not fully immune to the US/NATO 25mm since its side has less than half of the front armor. And because it is NOT videogames, there are even less reason to confront a light vehicle against a tank without using missile, as I mentioned in my 1st post of this topic. A T-55 is not a just a steel box, it can fight back, too.

Sir, I am not an expert, but the guys in these probably were/are: Would the 25mm M919 APFSDS-T round be effective against modern heavy tanks? - Quora. The 25mm M919 is the depleted uranium fin stabilized round you mentioned, and it seems that none of them is confident enough to call it effective. Again, I was talking about frontal attack and not ambush flank attack.

Great picture I have to say. Just an idea- if you could get a fibre optic light cable or small LED into the rear of the barrel it might do the trick.

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Just as the Soviets/Russians build beautiful ships, the US Army has some really good-looking vehicles. I happen to think the current Bradley and Abrams to be really neat looking pieces of equipment.

I am retired Navy, but in my mind as with most modern combat vehicles it is a question who spots who first, who gets off the first shot and/or who can disappear from sight the fastest before all hell comes down on them.

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Thats exactly what he is saying. In World of Tanks or Warthunder you are able to aim and kill a tank reliably by hitting that one pixel of weak armour that is on a hatch etc which would be unlikely to happen in the real world.

Since I don’t play World of Tanks or Warthunder, I had no idea what he was talking about until just now when you explained the flaw in the programming which allows that sort of event. My statement was a general one re. the T55, and since the conversation was 18+ years ago I don’t recall the specifics of it - I do remember the important stuff like how to sight the M242, use the thermal sight, and make it go bang because it was relevant to me as part of the crew on that vehicle. 'Nuf said.