Brand new here...and loving it!

Hey all,

I’m a young guy (mid-20’s) who spent my childhood and teenage years modeling. My first kit was the Monogram P-40, given to me by my grandmother after my grandfather passed. He had intended to get into modeling himself, but got sick very young and never got the chance. As for me, college and work got in the way, and modeling fell to the side.

Needless to say, I now have the time and motivation to pick up where I left off. This site has been a huge inspiration, and I look forward to building and chatting with you all!

First project is an LVT-4 and landing party, couldn’t resist after watching The Pacific on HBO.




Welcome. Lots of good folks here all willing to answer questions and share their knowledge. If you’re not already married build your stash now to avoid potential difficulties trying to explain why you need another kit later on down the road.


Welcome, Ben. I can see why you enjoy it here - I’ve been on quite a few hobby forums and this is the best in terms of people being both welcoming and helpful.

Your subject looks great! I continue to be fascinated by what motivates modelers - there are so many diverse sources of inspiration.

Welcome to the community Ben! Thanks for the feedback and intro!

Welcome . This is a really great crew here . Everyone is helpful and always willing to share info and answer questions.
Dive on in .

Welcome to the team Ben, great to see new faces joining the site and getting inspired!

As the others have commented, you will find folks here are always helpful and very giving of their time and advice, so don’t hesitate to post up lots of progress reports and ask questions.

Cheers, D

Welcome to the best modelling community on the internet. Please be sure to post many photos of your LVT-4 as the build progresses.


Welcome aboard!

Great to have you here Ben!! Looking forward to seeing some of your past builds as well as the ongoing build you have.

Welcome aboard. Lots of great people and advice on this site…

I’m a young guy myself…I just turned 62 :grin: and have been modeling since I was a kid (with a 15 year break) and my first model was a Hasegawa 1/72 scale F3 Lightning.

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Welcome to the network and pleased that you are enjoying the stay.