Bravo6 Figure Hunt

Anyone know where I can purchase the following Bravo6 figure set?

(B6-35061) U.S. G.I.s “Jerrycans” 'Nam

I’ve done some extensive web searches and all I’ve come up with for availability are eBay vendors from China, which I’m fairly certain are selling illegal copies. TIA.


PS: I started asking questions and already received a reply from one of the eBay vendors:
“Recast not originals friend, make sure you are okay with the conditions. Unpainted unassembled with no instructions!”

Toy Soldier Emporium out of Florida carries actual Bravo 6 kits. They are on the pricey side, but shipping is free and they run periodic specials. According to Vladimir Demchenko from Bravo 6, they are the only distributor in the US.


Thanks James. No dice, they don’t have the set either.


I found a vendor in Belgium, Europe. They are good, but don’t know to witch countries they send. You can send them a mail. You can find the item at : US GI JERRYCANS - Bravo 6 - Domino Model
Good luck

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@ Tasmo_Cavalcade. Thank’s. I saw that one. Unfortunately their pricing with shipping to the US is a bit out of hand. From their Checkout:
Subtotal: € 60.33
Have it delivered at home (Bpost): € 34,50
Total: € 94,83

$101.40 US

—mike :grimacing:

Oups, indeed is very expensive that way. Sorry for you. Hope you will find one near by.

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BNA Model world from Australia is my go to vender, not sure if they have the set you’re looking for or what shipping would be but I’ve used them for years and they’re very reasonable.
How about Michigan Toy Soldier shop?
Good luck !

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@ Richard (metalhead85). Thank’s. I’ve checked those vendors as well.
BNA Model World: Out of stock.
Michigan Toy Soldier doesn’t carry Bravo6 figures.


Yea they do go out of stock on a lot of stuff from time to time


Military Miniature Warehouse (MMW) in the USA might have it in stock for $32.99.

I ordered from them many times before their PayPal went down and before the pandemic. They’re legit and they have very good Customer Service. I don’t know how they are now.

Email them for their PayPal address and ask if they have the kit in stock. MMW updated their website March 20, 2024 so I believe that they’re still in business.

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@ Peter (Trisaw). Thank’s for the link. I actually looked there yesterday, but guess I dismissed ‘Military Miniature Warehouse’ since their page always seemed one of the most sketchy looking websites I’ve ever seen — difficult to navigate, impossible to contact. However, I gave them a shot. And after first receiving a PayPal error message, I was finally able to get to the purchase field to place an order. … Well, ApplePay confirmed that they have my money. Let’s see how it goes from here.

Bravo6 (B6-35061) US GIs Jerrycans two figure set: $32.99 USD
Shipping: $9.95 USD
Total: $42.94 USD

Figure fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


MMW is excellent! I’ve ordered a ton of stuff from them and never had a problem.
Regards, Bob


Hi guys,
FWIW, here’s a little follow-up:

‘Military Miniature Warehouse.’ I received an excellent quality, authentic ‘Bravo•6 figure set.’ Good communication and delivery.

‘Toy Soldier Emporium’ (eBay seller)
Received an excellent quality, authentic ‘Bravo•6 figure set.’ Good “offer deal,” communication and delivery.

My point being… don’t purchase cheap Chinese recasts. With a little effort and learning what to look for, one can get the real McCoy delivered to your mailbox. …:package::mailbox_with_no_mail: HTH.

—mike :hammer_and_wrench: