British Airborne 2" mortar team

The figures need a little repainting. I’ve now got a magnifier and WOW, what a difference it makes, I can see a thousand flaws that I would have never noticed. The figures are converted from various MB sets.


Magnifiers are a great help, except the first time you use them to see previous works :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway you have a great base, look forward to seeing how you improve it.

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I can remember when I first got my optivisor. What a difference it makes. I didn’t have to gauss where to put the paintbrush any more. My only question was why did I wait so long to get one??

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Me too Jerry lol ! Huge difference it makes.
Paul that looks really good. What figures are they ?

Cheers. The prone figure is from MB’s Scotland the Brave set with a new head and a denison smock sculpted on. The chap firing the mortar is a real mix.

I thought I had 20/20 vision and wondered why the camera made my figures look so rough :slight_smile:

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You sculpted the smock ? Wow that’s excellent, I would never attempt that! Are they 1/35 scale? I never heard of that brand. Very nice job


Oh wait I know MB models! The title of the set threw me- sorry lol. I have one or two sets of theirs.

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