British Airborne carrying a PIAT AT weapon

Finished today the repair and repainting of this bust.
British Airborne carrying a PIAT AT weapon, scale 1/10, young miniatures, painted in acrylics


Very nice, I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing!


I think that this is one of the painted British Para’s I have seen for a long time . The jacket is just brilliant and the webbing ‘s colour is how I remember from when I was an adult instructor for the Army Cadets back when they were issued 37’ webbing and 1950 - 1960’s battlefields for dress parades and demins for fieldwork. I would love to get this standard on a 200mms Royal Marine Sniper that I am doing at present but have had to strip the paint of twice as I was not happy and have yet too try again as got hit with Covid before I could start the third time and am still struggling to get over. As soon as I can I will use a picture of this model to help me . This one was just lovely to see so thank you for the incentive .

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Tank you, from an adult instructor hearing that I have done the right thing makes my day.

Yes you did an excellent job, especially the camouflage