British ATMP WMIK (Airborne) | Armorama

Gecko Model's next release is another very interesting variant of British ATMP, the WMIK weapon platform.

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it looks like a very interesting subject, was it deployed to Afghanistan?

This one is super interesting for me. I wonder if we’ll see some aftermarket goodies for it… Does anyone make any kinds of upgrades for Gecko’s ATMP anyway? Wheels?


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I just received mine and it looks absolutely amazing!

The box is larger than a 8X11 sheet of paper, so this is not a simple kit for something so small. There are a lot of sprues and parts. The thin rollbars are impressive, and the WMIK ATMP kit comes with decals, PE, clear plastic parts, and a multi-page color instruction booklet.

As such, modelers who thought that this was a simple “Shake and bake” kit for such a small vehicle might find that it is not.

The kit comes with a 1/35 seated driver that appears similar to the early DML figures in quality. Aftermarket resin pouches, head, and helmet can be used to make it look better. Furthermore, the ATMP WMIK comes with some of Gecko’s 1/35 backpacks, fuel cans, and SA80 carbines included so one doesn’t need to buy the Gecko UK accessory rifle and carbine set. WMIK machine guns are included.

The tires are plastic, and that is probably one of the biggest disappointments of the WMIK kit as they appear hollow and perhaps even “false fronts.” Resin or vinyl aftermarket tires would be welcome.

Overall, I am very impressed at this kit, but be warned, it’s not a simple kit just because the vehicle is small.