British Para shoulder sleeve insignia

No worries Brian. Doesn’t sound at all difficult to sculpt or modify a pouch for the respirator case. I’ve never sculpted anything before but might give it a try. Thanks for your help

Anyone know if the wings were worn on both sleeves of the Denison smock or just one side? And is it appropriate for the rank to be worn on it as well? Almost done with my fig, I’ll post pics soon. Thanks in advance!

I’m pretty sure that rank chevrons are worn on both sleeves, but that the para wings are only worn one the right.

Thanks Stik, I may have already asked this question and I believe you or someone else posted these pics before too but I forgot!
Another question: some of the wings are outlined in red and others in blue. What was the difference? Thanks again for any help

Hello all,
I finally finished this figure. I was not happy with the wings that go on the sleeve from the Archer set. They have no detail at all- just a light blue background. I scraped it off and decided to paint my own on the upper right sleeve. It came ok but could use more definition. The decal set from the Tristar set looked too big so as I said I painted the wings on myself. This is probably my best figure to date although my face painting has regressed. Comments welcomeProcessing: 6A7AD586-CB50-44C7-9B3E-99F8782296DD.jpeg...
Processing: 5AE26E1D-3EAC-45D2-8548-103CFD72198F.jpeg…
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Processing: 170FC4EA-B4C8-4C9F-A8CC-B8DF98BD9840.jpeg…
Thank you again for all your help guys !

Sorry guys for some reason the pics aren’t loading.

Some more pics…

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I forgot to mention that I did try to create the respirator pouch by cutting down a Verlinden US grenade bag , I think it looks a little under sized plus I think I cut it down too much. Anyways, it earned a bronze at the Long Island figure show last Saturday, so I was reasonably happy.


Well done Richard on the bronze and the figure itself. Very nicely done and you did a great job on the wings, they give a nice representation of them so it all works well. :+1:

Bravo! That came out looking quite nice! And congrats to you on the well deserved award for your Para! :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Thank you for the kind words guys. I hope to get more bench time after the holidays are through.