Building and Base Paint Tutorial S.B.S

This is a simple s.b.s. tutorial on paint and weathering a building and base.

  1. It is built and primed.

    2.Spray a light coat of dark reddish brown.
  2. Randomly apply areas of a medium brown / almost a dark tan color.
  3. Add bright red randomly , making sure to cross over the brown in areas.
  4. Now with a fine sable brush add random bricks/ stones in dark grey , medium brown , and a orangeish brown color. It looks odd at this stage but it will all get tied together.
  5. Apply light grey to the architectural details.
  6. Mixing the 2 previously used brown colors and using a sponge , lightly dab that color onto the atone surfaces.
  7. Now using a brown grey color and a sponge lightly apply in a stippling pattern to the grey masonry.
  8. Next apply a blue grey to the grey masonry with a sponge.
  9. Now apply a desert yellow to the wood frames and the door . Complete coverage is not necessary.
  10. Now a lightly thinned brown wash is applied over the desert yellow. Brush marks are preferred.
  11. Using a white that is highly thinned apply to the window areas in a dabbing motion
  12. Using white oil paint and Naptha mix a heavy filter and dab not brush liberally to entire surface. When dry to touch remove excess with a cotton bud.

  13. Now it is time to move back to the wood areas.
    Using a heavy vandyke brown filter made with oil paint and Naptha. Apply to all the wood areas.

  14. Now we move onto the base , start with it in black primer.
    Spray a medium grey to the stone areas in a pattern of light and dark by applying more and less.
  15. Now spray a pattern randomly across the stones in a medium brown using the same light and dark technique.
  16. Now mix a raw umber filter with oil paint and Naptha, apply liberally allow to dry to the touch.

  17. Once the filter is dry to the touch , dry brush the stones with a light grey paint . There will be some mixing of this with the oils and is desired .
  18. Now apply a second Raw Umber filter to the stones.

  19. Final step is to apply foliage if desired.


Nice SBS. What is Naptha?

Naptha is essentially lighter fluid . It can be purchased from the building supply store in a quart can or larger if desired

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@Chris_Bryan im going to try this on my squadron base that i have at home. This is great, thank you for posting this!

@Gregory_J_Copplin .
Thank you. hope it helps and post your progress.

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Nice tutorial, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this tutorial , what you have done looks really good and I just wish I could get mine to the same level . Looks like more practice is needed for me ( what a shame ) .
Look forward to seeing more like this .

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@phil2015 @bootneck . Thanks Guys . it is good to see how other people do things… Too many people act like it is trade secrets

Duhhh…what’s SBS? Molded foam? :thinking:

SBS or sometimes written as S.B.S. means step by step.

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Hmmm…only a little wrong! :thinking: :grin: