Building Pyro’s Santa María

Sails with the crosses painted in look very good indeed.



Thanks Si. I always liked the sail markings of ships of this era - they add interest to those otherwise large, blank sail surfaces.

Tim, it’s really coming together. I like what you did with the sails. I don’t have an airbrush so I might use your pin washes to pre-shade the seams on the sails as well as on the sail lines over the sail color. I really like the looks of the red and yellow crosses. I think it gives you more control over weathering than the decals provided in the new release. Keep it up. I’m taking notes as quick as I can.

Thanks John, I appreciate the comments. You know, you don’t really need an airbrush to do the two-tone sail effect; you can also effectively apply the darker color around the seams with a paintbrush using a stippling action. Doing the same thing with an airbrush is so much easier, though!

Another little gem, Tim!
The flags are looking fantastic, even if you know about a few “shortcomings”… And your art of painting even brings such simple old kits to life!