BUILT! ICM 1/35 FCM 36 | Armorama™

ICM shares images of a fully built FCM 36 that was just released recently.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/build-photos-icm-1-35-fcm-36

That is rather impressive looking , glad to see allot more french vehicles now

It’s about time someone came out with this! I’ve never had an ICM kit before so this will probably be my first.

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ICM is doing some really great kits now .
The plastic can be a little soft on cleanup.
Honestly that’s no different than allot of other manufactures.

Another beutepanzer for the collection.

@brekinapez noooooo not a beute. Not everything needs a Balkenkruz … Im just pulling your chain.

Got to; my Stuart and my Hotchkiss are in need of a third for their jazz trio.

@brekinapez . Attach them to that heavy panzer division that operated on the eastern front. I cant remember the exact name it was the 504th or something like that . I have a very detailed book on their movements and vehicles . Ill find the book in my shop and let you know the name

A vivid work!
btw can any one explain the “mini cannon”?

Info can be found here:


Look those pictures!
30002 (chars-francais.net)